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Vehicle Servicing


Vehicle servicing is an essential aspect of vehicle maintenance that keeps your car running smoothly and ensures optimal performance and safety. At Central Mobile Automotive, we provide comprehensive car servicing that covers a range of important tasks.

We conduct thorough inspections and examinations of various components, including the engine, brakes, tires, fluids, filters, and electrical systems. We use advanced diagnostic equipment to identify any existing issues or potential problems. All the time keeping you in the picture if there is anything over and above the agreed service that we find.

By choosing our vehicle servicing, you can enjoy a range of benefits.

These include enhanced safety on the road, improved reliability, extended vehicle lifespan, optimal performance, and better fuel efficiency. Additionally, a well-documented service history can positively impact your car's resale value.

Trust our experienced mechanics to provide meticulous car servicing that keeps your vehicle in top condition, prevents breakdowns, and ensures your peace of mind while driving. Contact us today to schedule a service appointment and experience the difference between our professional vehicle servicing.

What's Included In Vehicle Servicing

  • Check battery condition / terminals / top-up

  • Check engine coolant level and condition

  • Top-up windscreen washer fluid

  • Check brake and clutch fluid

  • Check power steering fluid

  • Change engine oil

  • Change oil filter

  • Check condition of fuel and coolant hoses

  • Check for oil leaks

  • Check condition of all drive belts

  • Check cam belt replacement history

  • Check air filter

  • Check fuel filter

  • Check the tune and running of vehicle

  • Full Tune Covering:
    Check/replace spark plugs
    Engine checks
    Electrical system
    Ignition system
    Fuel system

  • Check clutch free play

  • Check brake operation, visually inspect discs

  • Check parking brake operation

  • Check/adjust park brake

  • Check exhaust

  • Check CV. and steering boots

  • Check steering for wear

  • Check shock absorber condition

  • Check operation of all lights and controls

  • Check wiper blades

  • Check tyre pressure and condition

  • Road Test:
    Check engine performance
    Check steering operation
    Check brake operation
    Check W.O.F expiry

in vehicle servicing: Any parts, lubricants and specialised equipment charges that may be needed, (other than 4 litres of oil and a standard oil filter, which are included). If checks reveal any repair work may be required, this will be quoted separately, before commencement of that work.

* Included in all petrol services: 4L 10/30 semi synthetic oil and a 5T oil filter

Servicing your car regularly offers several important benefits

  1. Enhanced Safety:
    Regular servicing ensures that critical safety components, such as brakes, tires, and suspension, are in optimal condition. This reduces the risk of accidents and ensures your safety, as well as the safety of your passengers and others on the road.

  2. Improved Reliability:
    Servicing helps identify and address potential issues before they escalate into major problems. By addressing minor concerns early on, you can prevent breakdowns and unexpected failures, minimizing the chances of being stranded on the road.

  3. Extended Vehicle Lifespan:
    Regular maintenance helps keep your car running smoothly and efficiently, reducing wear and tear on components. It helps preserve the longevity of the engine, transmission, and other critical parts, ultimately extending the overall lifespan of your vehicle.

  4. Optimal Performance and Fuel Efficiency:
    Well-maintained cars perform better and deliver improved fuel efficiency. Regular servicing includes tasks like oil changes, air filter replacements, and spark plug inspections, which help optimize engine performance and maximize fuel economy.

  5. Warranty Compliance:
    Many vehicle warranties require regular servicing to remain valid. By following the recommended service intervals, you can ensure that any potential warranty claims are not voided due to a lack of maintenance.

  6. Resale Value:
    A well-documented service history with regular maintenance records adds value to your car when it's time to sell or trade it in. Prospective buyers or dealerships value a properly maintained vehicle, and it can positively impact the resale price.