Our Services

Let us take the hassle out of your vehicle or fleet servicing. We will keep you fully informed at all times and no work will be carried out without consultation.

Choose from one of our regular services or we can tailor a service to suit you then we will remind you when your next service is due. Your vehicle should be serviced at least once a year or 10,000kms which ever comes first.

A well serviced vehicle runs more efficiently which means fewer emissions and better fuel economy - that’s good for both you and the environment.

Service Guide

What's Included?ABC
Check battery condition / terminals / top-up
Check engine coolant level and condition
Change engine coolant (antifreeze)
Top-up windscreen washer fluid
Check brake and clutch fluid
Change brake and clutch fluids
Check power steering fluid
Change engine oil
Change oil filter
Check gear box and diff oils
Change diff oils
Check auto trans fluid (if equipped)
Check condition of fuel and coolant hoses
Check for oil leaks
Check condition of all drive belts
Check cam belt replacement history
Check air filter
Replace air filter
Check fuel filter
Replace fuel filter
Check the tune and running of vehicle
Full Tune Covering:
   check/replace spark plugs
   engine checks
   clean throttle body
   electrical system
   ignition system
   fuel system
   check PCV valve
Check clutch free play
Check brake operation, visually inspect discs
Check parking brake operation
Check clean and adjust rear brakes
Check/adjust park brake
Check brake cylinders and callipers
Check exhaust
Check CV. and steering boots
Check steering for wear
Check shock absorber condition
Check all suspension for wear
Repack rear wheel bearings
Check operation of all lights and controls
Check wiper blades
Lubricate door hinges
Check tyre pressure and condition
Road Test:
   check engine performance
   check steering operation
   check brake operation
   check W.O.F expiry
services: Any parts, lubricants and specialised equipment charges that may be needed, (other than 4 litres of oil and a standard oil filter, which are included). If checks reveal any repair work may be required, this will be quoted separately, before commencement of that work.
* Included in all petrol services: 4L 10/30 semi synthetic oil and a 5T oil filter


With today’s fuel prices as they are, tuning your vehicle has never been more important. Our A Service incorporates a lube service plus a full tune and ensures the smooth running and fuel efficiency of your engine. A fuel injector service done in conjunction with our A Service every 30,000kms is recommended as dirty injectors also hamper your engines performance. This service is carried out using specialised equipment. Clean injectors mean better fuel economy, power and emissions - better for both you and our planet.


Our B Service is our A Service plus a full wheels off rear brake check clean and adjust. If you do one service a year this is the one. Don’t be fooled when a WOF passes your brakes that all is well. If your rear brake wheel cylinders are worn they may not show up at WOF time and if caught in time you can avoid more costly repairs.


The service of all services. It includes everything in the B Service plus clutch fluid, brake fluid, diff oil, radiator coolant, air filter and fuel filter all get replaced. Remember all fluids and parts are extra to the service price other than 4 litres of oil and standard oil filter.


Diesel vehicles need to be serviced every 10,000 to 15,000kms. This service is essentially our "A Service" but tailored to suit a diesel including 5 litres of diesel oil. The oil filter on this service is extra due to the varied prices of diesel oil filters.


We can upgrade any service to semi synthetic or fully synthetic oil.

Most vehicles have a cambelt. Cambelts usually have a 100,000km service life but some need replacing at 60,000kms (Holden Vectra/Astra) and some at 150,000kms (late model Toyota’s). You need to know before your cambelt snaps when it is due for replacement as most will cause major engine damage. We can carry out a cambelt change on site at your home or work at very reasonable prices.

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