Ford Transit and Land Rover Defender Tuning = MORE POWER!!

 We now offer EGR removal engine computer remapping service specifically designed for MK7 2.4 Ford Transit and the ever so popular Land Rover 2.4 Defender.

Both of these vehicles suffer from EGR ( exhaust gas recirculation ) issues which normally start with the engine check light coming on intermittently culminating in the vehicle losing power and being almost undriveable!

The service we offer is diagnosing the vehicle issue and either just replacing the EGR valve or the coolest option More Power!! ( computer remap )

EGR removal!! (altering the ECU software)
This results in a WAY! nicer and fun vehicle driving experience coupled with no more EGR issues, clean intake (no more black chucks of carbon) less to no smoke out the exhaust!


This procedure is by far the best solution we have found in tackling this issue with the huge plus of more power / torque. We tried tuning boxes other remaps, all we got was more power coupled with heaps of smoke, poor drivability and eventually an EGR light on?? Annoying to say the least!

Our procedure has been specifically designed for these two vehicles and perfected through the years.

Enjoy driving your vehicle.

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